Surrounding transportation and sightseeing

Local bus

Please check the timetable here or from the website of
each company.

Kitatetsu Noto Bus
Hokutetsu Bus Timetable
Kitatetsu Noto Bus Wakura Onsen Center (0767)62-2840
Wakura Onsen ⇔ Nanao
Notojima Kotsu
To notojima transportation site
【Inquiry】 (0767)85-2130
Nanao, ⇔ Hot Spring ⇔ Noto Island

Regular sightseeing bus

Hokuriku Railway Regular Sightseeing Bus

Wakura Onsen departure: Asaichi-go and Okura-go

Kitatetsu Noto Bus Wakura Onsen Center (0767)62-2840

Please check the time here or from each
company's website.

Noto railways

Noto the railway site
Inquiries about tickets and times
(0768)52-0073(A-A-mizu Station)
Other Inquiries


Tourist train

Nanao Line Sightseeing
Train "Bride's Goodwill"
To the site of Nanao Line sightseeing train "Bride's Goodwill"
JR West Customer Center 0570-00-2486
Noto Railway Sightseeing
Train "Noto Satoyama Satoumi"
To the site of the railway sightseeing train "Noto Satoyama Satoumi"
Nod and Railway Sightseeing Train Reservation Center (0768)52-2300


Ishikawa Kotsu Co., Ltd.
【Inquiry】 (0767)52-3001
Marui Taxi Co.,
Ltd. (Marine-Each Transportation Co., Ltd.)
【Inquiry】 (0767)53-2121
Isiwa Taxi Co., Ltd.
Rides: (0767)62-2833
Guide Taxi: (0767)62-3930 

Tourist Guide Taxi

A certified driver who knows the local area will guide you to recommended sightseeing spots.

Naka-Noto Sightseeing

Transportation from outside the prefecture


※ The time required is a guide.

Please contact each operating company for time and reservation method.

【Tokyo】 Marui Tourism Co., Ltd.
【Osaka】 West Japan JR Bus Co., Ltd.
【Nagoya】 Meitetsu Bus Co., Ltd.
【Takaoka】 Kaetsu Noh Bus Co., Ltd.


※ The time required is a guide.


※ The time required is a guide.

Please take the Noto Satoyama Kaido via Tokuda Otsu JCT at Wakura IC. (About 5 minutes to Wakura Onsen Town)

Via Noto Satoyama Airport

From Noto Satoyama Airport to Wakura Onsen, it is convenient to reserve and take a taxi for "Noto Satoyama Airport Furusato Taxi".

Nakajima Taxi Co., Ltd. (0767)66-0114
※ The time required is a guide.

Via Komatsu Airport

※ The time required is a guide.

Ishikawa Map