Enjoying a Relaxed Tour on Rental Bicycles

Take a step outside Wakura, and nearby is the Ipponsugi-dori Shopping Street in the neighboring town of Nanao, or Notojima Island poking its head out of the calm waters of Nanao Bay. This is a recommendable cycling course for visitors who only have limited time available in Wakura. ※About the rental bicycles

Seeing the Tangible Cultural Property of Ipponsugi-dori Shopping Street in Nanao.

In the early days, there used to be a huge, lone Japanese cedar tree on the side of the road leading to Oku-Noto, which acted as a landmark and came to be known as “Deai-no Ipponsugi (a meeting place of the lone cedar tree)”. 500 years have passed since a town was built there. The Ipponsugi-dori Shopping Street in Nanao continues to thrive to this day as a modern shopping center bringing together ancient history with new ideas. There are five wooden buildings there that stand out above the rest, which have been registered as tangible cultural properties. Come and enjoy touring the cultural properties and experience history.

Former Ueno Keibundo (Currently Burari)

This is a cute, nostalgic building with a design based on the motif of a fountain pen, built in the early Showa period. Today, it is a variety shop run by a couple from Nanao. The inside of the shop is lined with ceramics, paper goods and clothes gathered from all over the country. It is a wonderful shop that fuses the old with the new.

Former Ueno Keibundo (Currently Burari)

Toriishoyu (Torii Soy Sauce Shop)

This shop was destroyed in the “Great Fire of Nanao” in 1905, but it was rebuilt in 1908. The shop is a historical town house built in Japanese storehouse-style, and it is a popular shop with many fans even outside the prefecture. The elegant interior is also a must-see.

The Foot Bath of Soyu

Kitajimaya Chaten (Kitajima Tea Shop)

This is a Nanao town house built with a traditional structure made using brackets. It is characterized by the way the roof is propped up, although it may not be visible. Kitajimaya Chaten offers visitors the unusual experience of grinding their own “matcha (green tea powder).” Come and give it a try.

The Foot Bath of Soyu

Takazawa Candle

Takazawa Candle, characterized by the gentle light that fills the interior of the stately town house, is a long-established shop that has specialized in nothing but traditional Japanese candles since its establishment in 1892. Come and see genuine modern Japanese style that has been spawned by history.

The Foot Bath of Soyu

Former Katsumototei (Currently Reform Maeda)

This is one of the few buildings that survived the “Great Fire of Nanao,” and the former home has been maintained in good condition due to its internal wellhole structure. Today, it is used as the office of Reform Maeda.

The Foot Bath of Soyu

Noto Food Festival Market

5 minutes by bicycle from Ipponsugi-dori Shopping Street is the Noto Food Festival Market, a market packed with fresh seafood, from crabs to yellowtail and oysters harvested that day. Stop here for some food if you get hungry after your stroll through history.

Noto Food Festival MarketNoto Food Festival Market

Local Specialty: The “Hamayaki” Corner

Here at Noto Food Festival Market, the “hamayaki” corner is popular where visitors can have the seafood they bought at various shops broiled on the spot. It is a corner where people may indulge in the luxury of enjoying seafood with their eyes, ears and taste buds.

Noto-jima Ohashi Bridge

The bridge has a total length of 1,050 m, making it the longest bridge in Ishikawa Prefecture. It connects Wakura Onsen to Notojima Island. It has great ups and downs, and it is characterized by its curved beauty when seen from the side making it a local landmark.

Noto-jima Ohashi Bridge

Notojima Aquarium

This is a popular spot on Notojima Island where visitors can see 40,000 creatures of approximately 500 species found in the ocean around Noto Peninsula, including a whale shark. The 22 m underwater tunnel offers awesome viewing.

Notojima Aquarium

Take a Casual Detour to Nanao on Notojima Island to ride Rental Bicycles!

By far the best way to tour these sightseeing spots is on rental bicycles. Enjoy the scenery while cycling around the edge of the serene Nanao Bay. Of course, the rental bicycles are also great for finding your way around Wakura Onsen!

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