Hanayome Noren Exhibition (Bridal Curtain Exhibition)


Date: Every year from end of April to mid-May
Place of Event: Ipponsugi, Nanao City
Related Website: Hanayome Noren Exhibition Website (English)


The Hanayome Noren is a custom of the people of the Noto, Kaga, and Ecchu provinces of the Kaga Domain (kaga han) that belongs to the end of the Edo and early Meiji periods. When a bride is going to be wed, water is given by both the bride’s and groom’s families and mixed together, and then the couple drinks it at the entrance before their ceremony. A curtain, called hanayome noren, bearing the bride’s family’s crest is hung at the entrance of the Buddhist altar in the husband’s house, then the bride and groom hold each others’ hands before the enshrined Buddha and offer their gratitude before beginning the wedding ceremony.

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