Privacy Policy

Wakura Onsen Tourism Cooperative’s Privacy Policy
The Wakura Onsen Tourism Cooperative (hereinafter the “Cooperative”) is aware of the importance of the personal information on users obtained through the Cooperative’s information network system, and shall ensure its proper management.
The Cooperative shall observe all relevant laws and ordinances regarding personal information, and at the same time adhere to the privacy policy of the Cooperative itself to ensure the appropriate handling and protection of all such information.

  1. The Gathering and Use of Personal Information
    All personal information provided by customers and obtained by the Cooperative during the process of booking accommodation or registering for membership shall only be used for purposes within the scope described and agreed upon in the
    Terms of Use at the time of the customer providing the information. Those who do not wish to provide the Cooperative with personal information may choose not to do so at their own discretion (however, should the personal information be necessary for providing the services of the information network system, such as registering a booking for accommodation, the said services may not be made available without the disclosing of personal information).
  2. The Management and Protection of Personal Information
    It shall be the responsibility of the Cooperative to ensure the management of personal information gathered from customers. The Cooperative shall ensure the proper management of the information, and simultaneously implement appropriate measures at a practical level to ensure security to protect the information and prevent its leakage. During use of the network, protection is provided by obtaining server IDs through Verisign, and personal information on customers is protected through advanced encryption using SSL technology.
  3. Providing and Disclosing of Personal Information
    The personal information gathered from customers shall not be disclosed to third parties. However, the information may be disclosed or provided without the approval of customers in the event of disclosure being demanded according to laws and ordinances, or by the court of justice, police or other such public institutions.
  4. Inquiries, Corrections and Deletions
    Regarding Personal Information Inquiries, corrections and deletions regarding personal information provided by the customer in registering for membership or for booking accommodation, or in the event of customers wishing to terminate the receiving of information, the Cooperative shall take the necessary steps to update or delete the information upon confirming the identity of the person making the request.

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