Lighthearted Indulgence in Touring the Hot Springs!!

Enjoy hot springs in the town of Wakura.
A hot spring spot that even local people enjoy lightheartedly.

Wakura Onsen Soyu

This is a neighborly hot spring, loved by everyone from local residents to visitors. It reopened in 2011 after undergoing renovations, and it is also popular for its dignified appearance and bright, beautiful interior. Enjoy the famous 100% pure hot spring water, only available here, at prices rivaling those of a public bathhouse.

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Yuttari Park (Tsumakoibune-no-Yu)

On the right is Noto-jima Ohashi Bridge, while on the left is Twin Bridge Noto. Tsumakoibune-no-Yu, offering views of the entire Nanao Bay, is a popular spot in Wakura where visitors can enjoy a free foot bath. Soak your feet in the somewhat luke warm water to warm your entire body, as you immerse yourself in the superb scenery.

Yuttari Park (Tsumakoibune-no-Yu) Image1

Unique Baths

Bentenzaki Gensen Park has attracted a lot of attention as a hot spring spot that is gentle on women. The hand bath for warming the body extremities is popular among women who cannot soak in the foot bath due to the wearing of tights or stockings. The bench, heated from underneath by hot water, is also praised highly by women who are prone to poor circulation. “Gentle is Noto and so are its hot springs” as the old saying may go. As such, visitors are invited to enjoy the blessings of the hot springs in all kinds of ways.

温泉と手の写真 わくたまくんとベンチの写真

Local Specialty of “Shio-Ontama”

Cooked with just the right amount of heat and salt. Creamy, salted, hot spring eggs, a Wakura specialty.

Hot spring eggs may be made at two places; Yumoto no Hiroba and Bentenzaki Gensen Park. They are easy to make! Eggs are placed in the basket provided, then submerged in the hot spring for 13 to 16 minutes. They are cooked slowly by the water, at a temperature of around 90℃, turning them into creamy, soft boiled eggs. The underwater hot spring contains natural salt, giving the eggs a subtle salty taste, which is the secret to their popularity. They also serve to replenish the salt in your body after soaking in hot springs or enjoying a stroll.

Raw eggs can be bought from a neighboring shop. Some shops even let visitors borrow dishes, spoons and timers.

13 to 16 minutes is the recommended time. Visitors can enjoy a stroll or relax as they stare at the steam rising out of the springhead while they wait.

Gently peel away the eggshell to expose the creamy egg inside! The salty flavor that fills the mouth is the key to Wakura’s specialty.

A Quick Tour of the Hot Springs on Rental Bicycles!

Rental bicycles are recommended for enjoying the hot springs of Wakura Onsen. Offering quick transport, and more time to soak in hot springs! Allows visitors to cover more spots in a shorter time.

Rental bicycles

Address :
Wakura Onsen Tourism Association 2-13-1 Wakura-machi, Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture
Phone :
Business hours :
8:30 A.M. - 5:30 P.M.
Holidays :
Open throughout the year
Rental bicycles :
30 available (20 for adults, 10 for children)
Fees :
500 yen for less than 4 hours, 1,000 yen per day